Hello all, I’m getting quite a few emails about the TTP Breathe Cover.

This product has undergone a full R&D development program.

Its been created on a flow bench. When Speaking with Mike at TTP he said “I wanted to see how close we could get a stock airbox to make the same power as individual POD filters” . This he did succeed.

For the whole story head over to:


Also check out the X-files section for even more info.

So here are some quick Graphs.

First up Stock airbox vs Breathe. Aftermarket silencers and the same bike were used with the correct fuelling.

Massive midrange increase of 14%

Next Graph Stock bike vs Breathe vs Breathe and Airbox inner baffle removed.

Massive gains right up to the redline again. You will not get air flow like this with other covers or just removing the Snorkel. The R&D gone into this product has made it head and shoulders above the rest, not to mention that the correct maps for these setups are also available from TTP so you don’t have to play triumph map roulette.

However it doesn’t stop there.  Next up, what’s the highest flowing filter on the market.

The results speak for themselves, although its not a massive difference you can see clearly DNA are the Highest flowing filters followed by the stock filter!!!

How much difference it makes on a bike with this power is not massive amounts but every little helps.

Especially once you start going for Ported Heads, Stage 1 Cams, and 904 Kits.

In short, when you buy the Breathe HiFlo Airbox Cover you are buying the best.

Then you can also buy the best Map(which you can’t for any other covers).

And if you wish you can Buy the best filter, which is a one time purchase and will outlast the bike.

We do sell DNA filter cleaning kits. However they only need cleaning and re-oiling once they loose their red colour or about 20,000miles.

Any questions please feel free to email.



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