Why the air-cooled Triumph Twin?

The classic design of the air-cooled twin gives it a timeless appeal, whether it’s the Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler, America or Speedmaster, they all have the same distinctive engine and clean lines.

From a performance perspective, the standard air-cooled twin is a reliable and user-friendly option, a low-maintenance everyday bike that will cope well in any riding condition.

But why settle for the ordinary? A few modifications can maximise performance and efficiency and transform your bike – the stage 1 breather kit with the airbox baffle removed gives an increase in horsepower and torque of up to 30%.

Here at Ultimate Twin Performance, we specialise in helping you get more from your Triumph Aircooled twin.


Why buy from me

Coming from a family of motorcycle enthusiasts I have been riding for longer than I’ve been walking – from family holidays touring Europe squeezed into a sidecar with my older brother to competing in junior motorcycle trials as a pre-teen.

But it wasn’t enough to just ride, watching my dad spend late nights in the garage working on his bikes (the 750 Honda was his passion at the time) inspired me to pick up a spanner and with his supervision, I built my own bike from a box of spare parts at the tender age of 10.

It was rough and certainly not pretty but taught me the skills I needed and I continued to build and tinker with bikes all through my teenage years.

Enlisting as a Royal Marine Commando at seventeen and eventually specialising in mechanical engineering enabled me to gain the qualifications to better understand and work on all types of vehicles, from HGVs to tanks. But of course, Motorcycles have always been my passion.

After 22 years in The Royal Marines, my service is coming to an end, but I hope to be able to bring the Values and standards of the corps to Ultimate Twin Performance – Only the best will do, and I’m prepared to go the extra mile so you can get the best for your bike.