The UTP HP-king exhaust. Comes with three silencer options.

First and Second option is a modern style silencer with Carbon sleeve or Titanium Sleeve. These silencers have Titanium end caps as standard and the total silencer  weight is 800grams or 1.76 pounds.



The Third option is the classic Megaphone.

This model depends on the header material, stainless or Titanium.

The Silencer will be the same material as the rest of the system.


From the right side profile.

This Exhaust is 904cc specific, however its little cousin is entering the final stage of development.

This version will be suited to 865cc bikes with stock or modified heads. There will also be a bigger brother version available for 995cc+ engines. This has also finished development and will be available very soon.

Exciting times at UTP HQ.

Get in touch if you would like a UTP HP-King Exhaust for your Triumph Aircooled twin.



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