It’s been busy times at UTP HQ, our product line is expanding and you can now get most of your service items from us.

However a big release is our revised Stage 2 Power induction kit.

We made it lighter, Stronger and for a lower cost which will be past onto the customer.

How often do you see that!!! Never!!!!

We have the best kit on the market with the highest flowing filters and we are a massive amount cheaper than the competitors. We also have product specific dyno maps from our sister company Triumph Twin Power. These are not generic maps, these were designed specifically for this kit.

For the cost, Its the best power and torque boost you can get for the Bonneville/Thruxton and Scrambler.

We don’t recommend this for the America/Speedmaster unless you plan on Performance cams which brings us onĀ  to our next two products.

UTP Stage 1 Cams.

Well we have recently sent off our first batch of cams for hard weld and re-grind.

We have both 360deg Bonneville and Thruxton but also 270 deg cams for the America and Speedmaster.

These cams allow the 270deg motors to make more power than the 360deg stock motors and continue to make power all the way to the redline instead of tailing off like the stock cams do. The Cams are also proven to make up to 102rwhp with supporting mods.

So no matter if you have a 360deg motor or the 270, you can get up to 102rwhp.

Thats 114hp at the crank for comparison. The cams alone will take you up to 75rwhp with the UTP stage one head giving another 5hp. Couple to that our 904 kit (available December) and you will see 90+rwhp.


So what’s in the UTP stage 1 head? Well its ported and reshaped for the best flow while using stock valves. This gives a great performance boost but also increases efficiency. Its also good value for money as your original valves are used. If you want a good power boost but don’t want to break the bank then this is for you.

We will also be getting custom maps made for these products by our sister company Triumph Twin Power so after fitting these products its a simple re-map and your fuelling will be spot on. These should be available back end of the year.

Super exciting times to own a 2001-2016 Triumph Aircooled twin.

Check back for more updates and more amazing products coming to market.

When you want the best, you know were to come.

We also offer a ride in ride out service for any of our products, Email for a quote.



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