Well, the testing for our CARB billet inlet manifolds has finished and the results are impressive.

Stock carb inlet manifolds are terribly cast and badly finished. They don’t even match up to the head port which restricts the top end power that’s available no matter your mods.

We have split the options for these into two Categories.

  1. Under 90 rwhp (102hp crank)
  2. Over 90 rwhp    (102hp Crank) Hand ported and finished

The reason for this is your engine requires the best flow vs restriction for the performance it can achieve.

If your mods are sub 90rwhp then you don’t want the manifold to be too large so we offer the Under version.

However if you have a ported head, big bore and FCR39 carbs then you will want the larger higher flow rate manifolds that produce over 90 rwhp and are ported by hand and surface finished.

If you are running stock carbs the maximum you will make is 75-80 rear wheel hp. In this case you need the sub 90rwhp version but if you later wish to upgrade to FCR39 carbs or similar then these under 90rwhp manifolds will actually max out about 95rwhp (with supporting mods).

If your unsure which version you require please get in touch and we will help you make an informed decision.



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