Well the highly anticipated TTP904S Bigbore kit Pistons are now in stock.

We are currently waiting for 6 sets of barrels to come back from Powder coating and the kits will be ready to go out the door!

Nothing gives an increase quite like this Big bore kit. Increasing the compression ratio gives increase efficiency across the board. Increase bore size give increase in both Torque and HP across the whole rev range. No matter the engine configuration .

Combine this kit with our UTP stage 1 Cams for massive gains in power and torque but also better mpg.

This brings us on to are next NEW product!!!

Oil Cooler removal kits, are these required? no.

Do they look cool? YES

Most of our Triumph Aircooled Twins are getting older now. The oil cooler has a job but it gets in the way while cleaning and over the years it starts to look quite unsightly.

Our Oil Cooler removal kit not only increases the cooling efficiency but it also makes your bike lighter and allows you to see the front of the engine. This makes it much easier to clean your chrome breather tube and look after the finish of your engine more easily. Removing parts and making things more simple is always a winning combination. We take your engine cradle frames in ex-change for our own and you get new hoses too but the bling doesn’t stop there!!!

Our Oil cooler removal kits come in two different options.

First is the “Riders” option, this removes the cooler and associated brackets. A new infill plate goes between the frame rails from top to bottom. This stops any stones or grit being flicked up by your front tyre and looks super smooth like it was designed at the factory as an extra.

Second option is “Bare Bones”, this option removes the oil cooler and all associated brackets. We clean up the whole area and even move the front reinforcing bracket to underneath so all you can see is the frame tubes and pure engine. This is ideal for shows and summer riders. This is the lightest option if your after saving weight.

Pictures are currently top secret but product testing starts in one weeks time.

Check back soon for more updates!!!



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