Ok so we finally finished testing our EFI ported and flowed Stock Inlet manifolds.

The results speak for themselves, The upper lines are with our EFI Ported Inlet manifolds vs the lower lines are stock manifolds. Each graph is for a different exhaust.

All tests were completed on the same EFI Scrambler 865cc with UTP Stage 1 cams, TTP Stage 2 Power Induction Kit and a 2-1 exhaust.

First up the Tec 2-1

ScramblerEFI TEC2-1 Ported inlet manifold

Second is our very own HP-King 2-1

Scrambler HP-King 2-1 ported inlet manifold

The results from both tests are super impressive. Especially from a product you can change out at home in under an hour.

Most impressive is the increase in torque across the lower to mid range on the 865cc HP-King and across the whole rev range on the Tec 2-1.

Easily one of the easiest improvements available with minimal cost.

To top this refurbishment and port job off we have chosen to coat the Inlet manifolds with Cerakote, a super durable ceramic finish that’s resistant to almost anything.

For more information please get in touch for easy gains.



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