Ok, so why fit UTP stage 1 cams and what effect will they have.

Scrambler, Speedmaster, America (270deg engines)

These models have the most mild cams of all the Triumph Aircooled twins, these are the models which will see the biggest increases in horse power and they maximise the torque available.

With our Stage 1 induction kit, Free flowing silencers and Stage 1 cams we saw 72hp and 57lbft torque . This is about 12hp increase after just changing the cams and about 4 lbft toque increase.

With our Stage 2 Induction kit and free flowing silencers we saw 80rwhp and 58lbft torque. This is a massive increase of 20hp and 5lbft torque.(note below graph the fuelling is not finalised)

However that is still not the full story, many are worried about loosing the character of their beloved triumph Air cooled twin.  When in-fact our stage 1 cams are not magic and wont change the character of these lovely bikes, these test bikes made the same hp up to 4,500rpm as the stock cams. However from that point onward the Hp increased over and over.

So what does this mean, well where a Scramber or Speedmaster would run out of breath the more you rev it, this now wont be the case. If your two up and want to go faster simply hold the gears a little longer and you will go faster more quickly. For over taking or riding two up, you wont need to change gear mid manoeuvre. Simply use the extra power as the rev’s climb giving you more confidence in your bikes abilities.

With our stage 2 induction kit, free flowing silencers and the UTP stage 1 cams. With the Hp measured at the crank as other manufactures do it now makes 92hp. When you then compare this figure to other bikes and models like a 1800 Thunderbird storm (97hp) or the Bonneville T120 water cooled model (78.9hp) that are much heavier and not as nimble. You then realise how much of an improvement this upgrade is. MPG is actually improved as the engine is more efficient as long as you ride sensibly.

These Stage 1 cams are also a good enough profile to take you up to 100rwhp with other modifications we can supply and fit. So if you decide in a couple years time you want some more power and torque then you wont need another cam unless you are after the very maximum the engine can give.

We are currently developing all the maps in collaboration with Triumph Twin  Power, these will be available on their website in the coming months.

We also offer a collection and fitting service, our labour rates cannot be beaten!

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