Well after so many requests we are now selling the Legendary TTP904S pistons on their own.

So many people have asked for this because they are all over the world and this reduces the cost of shipping.

With no core exchange required they can reuse their own barrels and just get them bored and re-coated with Nikasil locally. This really is a game changer for those not in the UK.

Speaking of Game changers, LECTRON carbs.

We have just started testing the NEW Lectron Pro series Big Air Carburettor. Its not very often that a product comes out that can genuinely be head and shoulders better than the well known FCR39 carbs but these are looking very exciting indeed.

So what’s the fuss, well see below.

1.No more jets

2.Automatically adjust fuelling for altitude and air temperature.

3.Fuel vapor finer than modern EFI (not High pressure direct injection)

4.Adjustable on the fly tuning via two different enrichment circuits.

5. Up to 40 miles more per tank (tank size dependant)

6. Custom colours.

Check out the Lectron website for more info.


So why have these not been used before????

Well like everything, cost. When you start using a new product, first you need to check it does what it says it can but before that you need to make it fit. This setup requires custom inlet manifolds and rubbers and also custom cables and choke parts. It also requires a different size pod filter to what we normally sell and even once all that’s done, if they are only a little bit better than what’s currently available then you don’t have a viable product.

Its a big risk to develop a kit from scratch and do the R&D to make it fit correctly and also perform correctly but here at UTP we are willing to do the leg work to give you the best that’s available and if it’s not then we will tell you why its not and show you the pro’s and con’s.


If you want more than 80rwhp from a Carb model Triumph Aircooled twin then you have to go to bigger carbs.

FCR39’s are hands down the best option at the moment and have been since they came out in the 90’s, they have more adjustability than the Mikuni or other Keihin variants. They are also fitted with multiple jetting circuits so the over lap is good as well as an adjustable Accelerator pump. Kits are available off the shelf and it would be very easy to continue selling these kits as we know they do the job once they are jetted correctly but these are old tech now and because they are so adjustable, its hard to tune them exactly without the correct tools and knowledge.

If the Lectron carbs do as they say and out perform the FCR’s across the board then we really are on to a game changer.

More to come.




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