More exciting news from UTP HQ,

Less than a month away for our first batch of cams from WEB CAM INC.

We have limited numbers on these but will continue to get more batches made as soon as stock units arrive back from customers.

We will also be creating the maps for these UTP stage 1 cams in the coming month.

So all EFI bikes will be able to benefit from the 813 profile.

Maps will be created for both our Stage 1 induction kits and Stage 2 Induction kits.

This is a massive task but TTP will have these maps available for sale as soon as they are done and tested.

These cams really wake up these Triumph Aircooled twins and give great results.

When used in combination with our TTP 904S big bore kit and stage one head, the results are breath taking.

We will also be creating the maps for these other combinations but it takes alot of time and work to create these maps and make sure they are perfect both on the road in normal situations and also on the dyno.

TTP has the best maps available for the efi bikes and we intend to continue this into the higher performance market.

We offer a fitting service for all TTP and UTP products so please get in touch if you have any questions or want a quote for work to be completed. Our labour rate can’t be beaten and we are a Triumph Aircooled twin specialist. We don’t work on anything else so we complete tasks quicker and more precise than your average garage.

Get in touch for more information.







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