Here at UTP we are all about getting the most out of your America and Speedmaster.

We chose a UK made, Stainless steel Silencer from

We loved the Quality but not the performance, so we started a whole R&D program to give your America/Speedmaster what it really needs.

Here is the standard Baffle next to our 2″ 904cc Baffle

We have created a changeable Baffle system, Three different sizes for three different states of tune.

Our Baffles are 13.5″ long and use Acusta-fil sound deadening which expands upon heating up to fill the space in the silencer.

1.75″ Pictured

This combo gives a lovely deep tone, quiet enough to ride to work at 5am but open it up and its sounds fantastic but most importantly it performs.

One silencer to rule them all!!!!

Three “Power Baffle” sizes:

1.5″ Baffle for Stock engine with stock Airbox up to Stage 1 Induction kit.

1.75″ Baffle for Stock engine with Stage 1 induction kit up to Stage 2 induction kit with heads and cams or 904kit, not both.

2″ Baffle for 904cc big bore with Head and uprated Cams(for the big hp numbers)

This is the only kit on the market that offers a solution to buy one silencer that can stay with you all the way through your performance increases over the years.

We only stock the short polished Trident Silencers pictured but you can get in touch and order any options through us.

Or buy direct from Trident an order the Power Baffles from us separately.

Never has there been a product like this on the market that can follow you through your performance Journey.



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