Super exciting times here at UTP HQ.

We have just dyno tested a customers Speedmaster EFI with UTP power baffles , our TTP stage 1 induction kit and our UTP stage 1 cam and the results are impressive.

72hp at the rear wheel and 58lbft torque. That is 84hp at the crank if you wish to compare to other manufactures figures!!!

All this while keeping the airbox and allowing the flow bench designed HI FLO TTP Breathe Intake to draw in as much air as possible.

These results put the Speedmaster and America performing better than the 360 deg Bonneville’s and Thruxton’s with the Airbox removed!

The customer is shocked at how well the bike goes and the way it continues to pull harder and harder right up to the redline making two up riding , overtakes and touring with full luggage a Dream.

Now he wants our TTP904S Bigbore kit fitting.

I wonder what performance increase we will see once he has 904cc and 12-1 compression ratio.

Very exciting.

Now onto serious business, the “Super Head” has arrived.

This will be our Greatest performance head to date, however its only part of the story.

Combined with our Stage 1 cam we expect over 100hp at the rear wheel (112hp@the crank) and more to come once the “Super cam” arrives.

Very excited to fit and start road testing this product, as soon as the fuelling is dialled in we will be off to the dyno for more testing.

Watch this space………



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