Triumph designed the air cooled Triumph twin engine to be virtually bullet proof, but over time one area of the engine failed in certain circumstances, the idler gear boss.

Triumph acknowledged the problem by changing the starter idler gear boss design in 2007, the ribs that they added still do not stop the issue resulting in needing new crank cases.

The TTP Safe-Start was developed through concern for our own twins and it’s a quick and simple method of idler gear boss reinforcement which eliminates the chance of engine damage caused by a kick-back event.

The Safe-Start is a precision engineered CNC machined billet aluminium jacket for the idler gear boss.

The design of the Safe-Start uses a “belt and braces” approach to strengthen the idler gear boss and spread the load when a kick-back event happens.

The underside takes the shape of the engine casing around the idler boss area and when fitted the left side is snug up against the starter motor bearing casting.

Both of which ensure that when the Safe-Start is in place, it becomes part of a much stronger engine casing which can easily deal with a kick-back event without damage occurring.

This is an unpredictable problem and if it happens to your bike, you won’t know about it until you push the start button and the starter motor just whirs.

The Safe-Start is effectively an insurance policy against catastrophic engine failure leading to the inconvenience and expense of an engine strip down and crankcase replacement.

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