Trident Short or Long Silencers With UTP “Power Baffles” America/Speedmaster!!


1x set of Trident short Stainless Silencers and  UTP “Power Baffles”

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Trident short or Long Silencers With UTP “Power Baffles”

We are no longer selling the Trident silencers with the stock baffle.

If you buy the Trident silencers from us we will remove the stock baffle and it will come with the size Power baffles you select.

Here at UTP we are all about getting the most out of your America and Speedmaster.

We loved the Quality of Trident silencers but not the performance, so we started a whole R&D program to give your America/Speedmaster what it really needs.

After thorough Dyno testing we can now reveal the results from a stock engine and Stage 1 induction kit, figures measured from the rear wheel.

Standard Triumph Silencers. 53hp 48lbft

Stock Trident baffle 53hp and 52lbft torque.

Power Baffles

1.5″   57hp and 56lbft

1.75″ 58hp and 57 lbft

2″      59hp and 58lbft

In short a great increase over stock silencers and a great increase over the Trident stock baffles.

The 1.75″ is quieter than the 2″ but with a stock engine the power difference is very minimal, the Map for these silencers will be available from TTP in the coming weeks.

Please get in touch for more details.

Silencers might have a couple week wait depending if Trident has them in stock.



Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 15 cm

1.5" Power Baffle, 1.75" Power Baffle, 2" Power Baffle