UTP HP-King 2-1 Exhaust in Stainless Steel


UTP HP-King 2-1 904cc Big bore exhaust in Stainless Steel.

Please note which Silencer Option you would like in the notes section,

Titanium Sleeve, Carbon Fibre Sleeve or S/S Megaphone.

4-6 Weeks Delivery

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Exhausts are hand made to order, approximately 4-6 weeks to delivery.

UTP HP-King 2-1 .

Dyno developed by Harrison Performance to be the most powerful exhaust ever made for the 904cc big bore Triumph Aircooled Twins.

Max HP and Torque achieved through a complete R&D program on our TTP 904cc Big bore kits, cams, Ported head, TTP stage 4 Fire starter and FCR 39 Carbs.

This is the exhaust for the ones who like to ride fast and ride in the 4,500rpm-8,500rpm range.

Ideal for racers too, this exhaust is NOT LOUD, its designed to be quiet enough for all year round road use and to pass the track sound tests.

This exhaust is the ONLY 904cc specific exhaust ever made available off the shelf.

Available in Stainless Steel or Titanium, YOU CHOOSE!!!

Silencer options include Reverse cone Megaphone in the same material as the primaries, modern style Titanium capped with choice of Carbon Fibre sleeve or Titanium Sleeve.

The Titanium system is so light it must be held to be believed. We do recommend fitting longer rear shocks to increase ground clearance for this exhaust, unless your after the low look.

We achieved 100 rear wheel HP and 70.5 lbft of Torque with the UTP HP-King 2-1.

This equates to 112hp at the Crank and 82lbft Torque, the crank is where most manufacturers measure their power figures so giving figures taken from this point allows you to compare the power to other motorcycles. Impressive to say the least.

This is not just an exhaust, this is the only exhausts to get the most from your 904cc big bore kit.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 65 × 50 cm
Stainless Steel Exhaust

Stainless steel Megaphone