Dymag Wheel UP7X Light weight wheels


1x set of Dymag UP7X wheels

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We are proud to offer Dymag Up7X lightweight wheel conversions, front and rear for Bonneville/T100, Thruxton, America, Scrambler and Speedmaster. Not only are these wheels very lightweight, we also offer them as a bolt-on kit with a 5.5″ wide rear wheel(extra cost). This allows a 180-sec rear tyre that not only improves road holding, and looks amazing but also makes future tyre purchase cheaper because of the industry standard sizes. Better compounds are available, more tyre choices not to mention much quicker acceleration from the reduced weight of the wheels. Stock Bonneville wheel 21kg Dymag Up7X with Touring 180 sec rear tyre on 5.5″ rim 14kg Complete. This rear is also lighter than the Bonneville Se mag wheel by just over 3kg, quite a margin.


Email for price, colour and waiting time. All wheels are made to order in 6-8 Weeks or sooner.